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the escape parade

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as i ascend into the great unknown [16 Aug 2006|01:31pm]

thank you friends for taking care of me while i was in southern california. i couldn't have found better friends than the ones i have and will see tonight for a farewell gathering. i am about to embark on a journey that will take me deep into the redwood forest and far north as california can take me. i will still be in your state, but i will be on the outskirts learning about the animals and plants. i hope to return an educated and proper field scientist. i wish everyone well. i am glad this summer was how it was because it gained me so many incredible memories. ones that could pile up to the moon and back !

p.s. i will try to write in here more to let everyone know what adventures i encounter in arcata.
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please make your trip to los angeles soon ! [16 May 2006|11:06am]
wild tigers i have known

old joy
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& friday, saturday, sunday [08 Apr 2006|03:36pm]
i'm getting behind . uh-oh

friday, march thirty-one :

was biology lab class. the quiz was confusing so i know i ruined it terribly. our lab was about genetics. i mostly sat around eating the peanuts that we were supposed to examine to indicate where the embryo. i found it. it tasted bitter. i think i'm the only one in class who's most confused about what is going on. i'm not sure if it's because everyone reads their labs before class or just are able to work quickly and efficiently. maybe because they've all had jobs before. i'm usually one of the slowest ones in my chemistry class as well. it just takes me a bit of time to read and understand. am i slow? i don't know. i usually get it at the end. but i guess it doesn't matter much if i'm able to comprehend when it's all been said and done. after the class the kids (this boy that has the same name as me and a girl named anna) went to a mexican restaurant that i frequent called casa del rey in san dimas. it's nearby shelflife. they have vegetarian tacos and chips to die for. the chips are air thin so you can't really go full on them. they're so addicting ! the sauce that we dip them in tastes almost like marinera sauce, but it's unusually perfect for the chips. the tacos are wrapped in a soft taco shell, and that's good for my teeth. oh and no lard in their cooking ! anyways, these kids are interesting. i like to examine them. like a sociology experiment. they are what you call "normal" but that's what i thought at first. but more and more i get to know they, they're kind of strange. ex. they like the smell of gasoline. i feel a lot older than them sometimes. their musical interests are my chemical romance, fall out boy, and dashboard confessional. when we went to that restaurant, jeremy pulled out a deck of cards and we started playing a game right on the table. and outside when we left he took a tennis ball and started playing hackysack on it. i felt like i was taken back to my high school days. yet, even though they're so normal and i feel quite different talking amongst them, i still a bond with them. oh, and that card game, i totally beat them at a game they taught me how to play. elderly ladies from across the the table asked us who won and i told them that i did and they told me "good job". later that day, danny and rose came over to take some camping equipment. sleeping bags, a lantern, and my tent (which got destroyed during their trip, but made for a good story so i forgave them).

saturday, april oh one :

i finally got to see jannie. my best friend. i hadn't seen her in two weeks. so we gave each other giant bear hugs. i was really sick still, but i rarely get to see her so i told her to come over. we were going to go pasadena to see the devil and daniel johnston. unfortunately, i realized how incredibly sick i was and so we just had mexican food over there. before that we went to a bookstore to look a childrens books. i guess they're just more enjoyable to read when you don't really have much time to really read an entire book. maybe because their language is easier to read in a few minutes and there's illustrations attached. i was talking like ringo the entire time in there because of my stuffy nose. i noticed they had a video tape section. i tried to find huell howser films, but was out of luck. i knew that my fascination with him was almost entirely personal. i don't know many others that are fond over his shows about california except for jannie. but maybe i kind of caroused her into it. next week i'm thinking of throwing a party and i'll rent huell howser tapes from the local library. whenever he says an adjective we all have to take a shot or something along those lines. fantastic !

sunday, april oh two :

i finally learnt how to play scarborough fair on the piano. i want to learn more english folk songs. i'm going to bring pieces that i find online of my favourite musicians and ask my teacher to play them and help me to play them. i do not have a crush on her, but i think she's extremely adorable since she's british and a lady in her sixties. i remember drinking lots of apple cider this day. my sickness lasted a long time, and is still lasting to this day, but it's almost at it's climax. danny and rose came over and we went to happy family to talk about camping. hearing their stories made me wish i would have gone. but if i did go i would have experienced a half naked daniel, sleeping in a cramped quarter of the car, and almost being lit on fire. so maybe it was a good thing i stayed home to nurse my cold.

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